Gate Automation & Fabrication

Gate Automation & Fabrication

Gate automation is now commonly accepted as one of the best options to secure your property. Automatic Gates offer convenience, security, and also add value to any property. Most people report that once they have installed automatic gates they feel more secure (especially at nights), that they are delighted with the ease of operation, and also that their property feels more exclusive. 

In effect you move your front door to beside the roadway. This deters unwanted callers and potential burglars who will not want to park visibly on the road while they enter your premises. A benefit is that the property does not look especially security conscious as normal gates are simply closed. The gates also keep your dogs in (or out as the case may be!) and stop you worrying where your children are playing.

Numerous other benefits come with automatic gates, including added value to your property, increasing the style of your house, stopping stray animals entering your yard and having to go out to close the gates on a cold, rainy winter’s night.

We use the full range of Centsys Swing and Slide Gate operators. All Centsys products are manufactured in South Africa and come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Your Options

I require new gates plus automation 

We can provide you with a one-stop service for the complete installation, from manual gates to automation through to after-sales service and maintenance. We custom make our gates which come in a range of styles and colours. Gates can be painted, galvanised, powder coated or a combination.

I do not want new gates, just automation to my existing gates 

We offer a wide range of systems to complete this. Manual gates tend to simply be left open for long periods to facilitate comings and goings of your own and your visitors vehicles in order to avoid the effort of physically opening and closing them. Automated gates obviously work far more frequently through the closed-to-open-to-closed cycle. We will appraise your gates and pillars to ensure they are suitable and give any recommendations if required. 

If you would like to find out more about our gates or gate automation solutions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We use and recommend Centsys. Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to Northern NSW & West to Ipswich. Sales, Service &  Installation.